Expo Milano 2015 global recipe book

Expo worldrecipes is the open and crowdsourced recipe book of Expo Milano 2015: a unique opportunity to showcase your content worldwide and a one-off event for foodies all over the world.
The global online recipe book, both in English and Italian, is built by a community of food professionals, media publishers, food bloggers, chefs and food organizations.
Expo worldrecipes is a quality-based recipe aggregator gathering the best traditional recipes from all over the world.

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Showcase your contents within Expo Milano 2015 official collection of traditional recipes from all over the world. Create a profile and add up to 200 recipes. Your voice is important! By joining Expo wordrecipes community, you will support the values of Expo Milano 2015: food education and sustainable food habits.

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Expo worldrecipes does not own exclusive rights to your recipes, you can leave them on your website, too. We will show your recipes in full format and link them to the original source. You can remove one or all of your recipes any time using your dashboard settings.
Our editorial team can choose some of your best recipes and translate them into Italian for Expo worldrecipes.
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Our web spider can crawl your website to enrich your profile with previews of all your contents. These contents will be displayed in search results directly linked to your website.
You can disable the spidering or cancel your recipes any time using your account settings.
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Why we do it?

We want to crowdsource worldwide food culture under the patronage of Expo Milano2015 to spread information about food traditions, healthy eating and environmental footprint of eating habits.

Your content in a new light

Our technology will enhance your contents with nutritional facts and environmental footprint analysis, consistently linked with Expo Milano 2015’s theme:
Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

Nutritional facts

A simple and elegant infographic displays food values, to underline the connection between wellness and nutrition.
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A new, synthetic score correlates food ingredients with their environmental footprint, to help people think about the sustainability of human food habits.
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Quality first

Our editorial team will guarantee high quality standard for content in Expo worldrecipes.

All recipes, images and videos uploaded by users have to be original, relevant and accurate. Expo worldrecipes won’t accept any form of advertising in user submitted content.

An experienced team will select and translate in Italian the most essential traditional recipes of the world.

The global online recipe book of Expo Milano 2015 is organized in editorially curated collections based on countries, world cuisines, ingredient clusters and nutrition facts. Our editorial team creates and manages some original and creative categories to engage users in a rich experience discovering food traditions of the world. Join us

Writing a recipe has never been so easy!

A beautiful, dynamic interface will guide you: upload and crop the thumbnail.
We will help you to achieve an elegant editorial layout for your recipes.
Quickly select the ingredients, write description and preparation steps with our elegant WYSIWYG editor.
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